Jan 21

Lake Oroville Trail Access Threatened

Cyclist at Lake Oroville California need your help.

Last year, in recognition of the true nature of cycling, the California Department of Parks and Recreation made the decision to allow bicycle use on trails at the Lake Oroville State Recreation Area. Unfortunately, we have a group of equestrians here who refuse to accept the idea of sharing trails with bicyclist.

As the State Recreation Area at Lake Oroville is operated in co-operation with the California Department of Water Resources, it comes under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Some local equestrians, in an effort to ban bicycles from the trails, have asked FERC to intercede on their behalf. FERC has agreed that the process used to open the trails needs to be revised.

There will be a meeting to receive public input on the proposal to manage trails as shared use.

This meeting is scheduled for :

February 10, 2003

6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

The State Theater

1489 Myers Street

Oroville, California

written comments can be submitted no later than March 3, 2003, by mail or facsimile transmittal to:

Eva Begley, Ph.D.

Dept. of Water Resources

1416 Ninth Street, Room 620

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, Ca. 94236-0001

FAX: (916) 653-8250

Please attend this meeting, or send written comments in support of shared use trails, we really do need your help.