Sep 17

Stevens Creek Trail Decision Sept 23, 2002


This vote is about the trail going forward. Regarding access, the city council may decide to vote on the access question now, or they may decide to defer it to a later stage. THIS IS A CRITICAL MEETING. PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND OR SEND AN EMAIL NOTE TO THE CITY COUNCIL.

Meeting details below.


Henry Pastorelli

Cupertino City Council

Contact Information

Name / E-mail Telephone

Home / City Hall

Richard Lowenthal – Mayor


973-8494 / 777-3193

Michael Chang – Vice-Mayor


255-0625 / 777-3194

Patrick Kwok – Council Member


257-4934 /

Sandra James – Council Member


253-7617 /777-3195

Dolly Sandoval – Council Member


725-8939 / Subject: Meetings re: Stevens Creek Trail

Please note the next critical meeting for Stevens Creek Trail is on Monday,

September 23rd. This is the meeting with the Cupertino City Council and

their vote will decide if the trail moves forward in Cupertino.

Mark your calendars.

Details to follow next week – Cupertino folks get ready to write your

emails and make oral presentations…

-Susie Brain-

Friends of Stevens Creek Trail